About A Sweet Memory

A Sweet Memory was established in 2015 by James and Patricia Fulps. Offering photo booth rentals in Orange County and Long Beach. The Fulps' have grown A Sweet Memory by providing an elevated, upscale experience, excellent service and a lot of fun! Let us help make your event, A Sweet Memory!

Our Team

Patricia Fulps

Patricia has been in the event industry for over a decade; from being a catering consultant for a top catering company in Orange County, and a wedding coordinator. Patricia takes care of your reservation, design elements and ensures your event is set up and all the software is up to date and tested to ensure a seamless event!
Fun fact about Patricia: she's a crafter and often makes props for special events. She's also a breast-cancer survivor (notice the pink hair?).

James Fulps

James is a trans-plant from the corporate world, working in finance, later in retail. He not only is our accountant & muscle; he takes care to ensure all of our equipment and props are clean and in good shape, ready to go for your event! Fun fact about James: he used to DJ at Cypress College and later, house parties. He's was also a drummer in a rock band, back in the day!